Monday, September 04, 2006

fighting fire with fire

Right back atchya, baby!
Weary patriotic Britons, tired of constant vicious onslaught of Mohammedan Death-cultism in the U.K. give islamofascist bully-boys a taste of own medicine by posting video nasties on YouTube. Grovelling dhimm-wit msm appeasers for said death-cult soil their nappies with frantic apologetic apoplexy.
Personally, I'm cheering for the Brits. If the practitioners of the Religion of Death don't like things in the civilised world; go back to the desert!

Want jihad? Bring it on, rag-head boy!

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Nato said...

No No No! That is honestly the worst idea in the world.

It isn't the dream of the majority of Muslims to strap on explosives and go blow innocent children up. The majority of Muslims abhor that sort of behaviour. If we begin to threaten all Muslims, then the ones who abhor the terrorist activities will start having second thoughts. They might just simply fight back against people who acted on the threats. It'll then just escallate.

So basically if the west acts as if all muslims are terrorists, the west will eventually turn all muslims into terrorists...