Monday, September 25, 2006


# Washed-up, anti-Semitic drunkard, Mel Gibson, offends more people with criticism of Iraq war. Promoting his new movie, Mad Mel compares American soldiers to human sacrifices in ancient Mayan civilisation. Oh, go have another drink, you old fool! Remember the days when you were a popular, respected, charismatic screen-talent? No, neither do I.

# Russell Crowe wants starring role in prospective Steve Irwin film biography. His experiences wrestling with telephones & taming hotel concierges ought to come in handy. Someone should sic him on to Mel Gibson. Now, that's a wildlife encounter we'd all enjoy.

# Titanic temptress, Kate Winslett, weighs in on Tinseltown's vapid vogue for skeletons playing the role of actresses. Thank you, curvaceous Kate, from all of us fans of the voluptuous who recoil at wispy women with bodies of hipless, lanky, scrawny teenage boys.
[I knew there was a reason Maoris & Pacific Islanders never become Hollywood starlets.]


Sharon Ferguson said...

Actually - Mr. Crowe came out almost as soon as that made the news rounds denouncing that rumor, saying he had never considered it and was appalled that such a rumor was started. He was not happy about the lie...which seems to have been started by a press that was trying to start up a rumor mill without any confirmation from his agent.

I know everyone is completely disgusted with RC, but in watching him the last few years, it seems like the press will do anything to say anything bad about him, and this has been the case long before he threw that phone..which once I looked into what was reported, I wish I had been the manager of that hotel...that concierge would have been thrown out instantly for handling the guests so poorly. How difficult is it to help someone make a phone call?? The asshole concierge deserved getting threatened as far as I am concerned, especially if he was willing to push a guest so far as that bad a confrontation. I dont care how snotty the actor, the customer is always right. If he was willing to be that rude to someone who had the money and fame, how bad was he with "lesser" the manager Id be pissed that an employee put my business in a legal situation.

Anyway, I find it amazing that so many bloggers LIVE to debunk the mainstream media and reveal them to be the liars that they are, but are quite willing to believe gossip mills about actors...

Sorry...but RC is one of the few people out there deserving of the title of True Actor, and I have a certain bias in his favor.

With much friendship...

Phil said...

I hear ya, Sharon! Thanks for that.
Nothing personal against RC (loved him in Romper Stomper) - I just like to BAG EVERYONE on my blog. And celebs, along with politicians, make such big juicy targets.