Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hate speech

Diabetes alert!
The NZHerald sends a lightweight, gum-chewing, hair-twirling vacuous 13 yr-old blond bimbo (well she writes like one, anyway) to interview the PM. Gushing lovestruck ninny dribbles the stickiest, sickliest, treacliest, most Mark Sainsbury-esque gush-fest about Helen Clark, the most CORRUPT [I'm not scared to say it, c'mon Rodney Hide, don't be shy!] Prime Minister in history. More empty calories than a pavlova bake-off, the NZH's Labour whitewash begins in earnest. I dare you to read it and not vomit. Should be compulsory text for all dieters and aspiring bulimics.

The natives are getting restless
The Maori Party does well in latest Marae Digipoll. Pita & Tariana are chuffed.
  • 52.6% of Maori roll support TMP
  • 36% support Labour
Oooh yeah! I like it when that happens! Compare that to election night '05 where Klark's Korrupt Kommies scored 80-plus % of the party vote in each of the Maori electorates. I'm no great fan of TMP ('brown' socialism), but their one redeeming factor is They're Not The Labour Party. Beasty-girl hates Tariana (& vice versa), so quite naturally Mrs Turia has my support and best wishes.

Haters & Wreckers Unite!
Way to go, the guy who released pictures of Helen's gay husband wildly, passionately, feverishly full-on hard-core French-kissing another bloke on the night Labour stole the election! The recipient of Mr Davis' enthusiastic probing tongue reckons that he's gay, but denies that Mr Helen Clark is. Oh, whatever, Queen! Either way, the photos have really got under Helen's scales skin, so... hey, works for me!


darren said...

Good Lord Phil.
Talk about bumlickey or what!
When does she joing Hello magazine

Lewis said...

I actually hope the Maori Party gains more Party votes next election - not simply to preserve proportionality in Parliament, but to bolster their position against Labour, and make them more accountable.

fm said...

You're in fine form phil. Remind me never to piss you off.

phil said...

Darren - Wasn't it awful!? Even by our msm's appallingly low standards - simply the pits!

Lewis - I'll second that!

fm - Hey Buddy! Long time, no see. I had a dream about you the just other night! (don't worry, we weren't celebrating an election win or anything) which is pretty odd considering I have absolutely no idea what you look like (other than you kinda resemble a bashful lion, if your photo is anything to go by) But there you go! You were in my dream. In fact, I took a break from blogging for a while - y'know how it is when you just can't be stuffed writing anything for a while, and I almost forgot about blogging completely. Then I had that dream, which reminded me of the blogosphere and prompted me to start again.


fm said...

Hmm. Sorry I'm so late replying phil. I required several days of therapy following that comment -- plus my computer was broken.

Yeah, blogging goes in phases, doesn't it? I'm glad to see your little break brought you back in excellent condition. I've been flat out at work and on something of a blog holiday myself. I'm placing myself for next year's Oz election campaign. Until then, I could hardly care less what's going on. But I will pop by to see you rip into some hapless lefties. That's always fun!

Catch you round Mate.