Sunday, September 10, 2006

gender wars

Just a few stories to annoy (and hopefully offend) feminists.

Men are from Mars?
Brit 'research' shows men's psychology predisposes them to martial behaviour. Or rather, their willingness to unite against a common foe may help explain the 'male' exaltation of militaristic pursuits. The study obviously can't account for the preponderance of NZ's quasi-men like Keith Locke & Labour voters, but then again, the research was focused on 'men' and not left-wing pacifist eunuchs.

Sweet sounds of sonograms
While men are inclined to kill each other, for women it's unborn babies most likely targeted for homicide. So it's always nice to read heartwarming baby-cheats-death stories. In Washington, a pregnant young mum visiting abortion clinic decides against killing her child in cold-blood after seeing ultrasound pictures of the Human Being gestating within.
"After [she] saw a picture of the fetus at 21 weeks with arms and legs and a face, their thoughts of termination were gone."
Praise the Lord! Another soul saved, another needless murder averted. The use of ultrasound imagery by pro-life pregnancy clinics becoming more commonplace in the States - God bless America! Of course, the holocaust factories a.k.a. "abortion providers", are aghast at (1) the depiction of a foetus as a living human in need of protection, and (2) smart women reluctant to KILL their own children. But who cares what pro-slaughter feminists think anyway? Let them go shove their coat-hangers up their you-know-where...

Gratuitous sexism
Yay! The pretty one won! More-ish Maria Sharapova beats Belgium's homely Henin-Hardenne, to clinch US Open final. Ravishing Russian cruises to straight sets win over tennis' most unsightly player since the William sisters.

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