Monday, September 11, 2006

Moaning on Monday

I read the news today... oh, boy!
Arrived home this evening to find a complimentary copy of The Dominion Post in my letterbox. Our local daily giving away freebies? Most odd. I assume it's a lame attempt to boost circulation as their sales figures limp terminally southward. Feeling masochistic, I forced myself to scan the contents until hitting the editorial column.

liberal screech-fest commemorates the 5th anniversary of 9/11 and its aftermath. Surprisingly, the opening paragraphs showed promise, denouncing the terrorist scum for the atrocities in NYC, London, Bali & Madrid. But predictably it quickly deteriorated into another routine hate-America, anti-Bush tirade. Seems the DomPost can't decide who it hates more; al Qaeda or the US president. How grossly insensitive to memorialise those innocent thousands who perished, by belittling their President & Commander in Chief during war time. What a callous insult to the memories of many thousands of friends, families & loved ones. Not to mention untold millions of Americans & others worldwide touched deeply by the unspeakable barbarism of 9/11.

Long story short, it merely hardened my already unshakable resolve to NEVER again give one red penny to NZ's newspaper nudniks. And why would anyone
actually pay to read third-rate, watered-down, rehashed press releases from Al-Jazeera and the US Democratic party? I have a blog ergo internet access. Thus, should I ever need to read Bush-bashing, I'll simply click on the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post et al. At least I'd be getting my leftist bluster from its original source - and free of charge, too!

The kiwi msm is sick in every sense of the word: morally corrupt, nauseating, mentally disordered and extremely distasteful. The good news is that their sickness is also fiscal (hence the free copies to entice new readers). I say their financial prognosis is bleak, and suggest we put the buggers out of their misery via mass boycott. Their demise can't come quick enough for this ex-subscriber.

Update: The DomPost may be despicable, but the NZHerald takes the cake. Their headline 9/11 story? Osama's home video replete with quotes exhorting the killing of infidels. Good grief! The Herald has truly, literally become a mouthpiece for the terrorists.


Comrade Jim said...

Hi Crikey,

We have a similar situation here in Sydney. The only media organisations that get ahead are the one's that express right wing sentiments and expose the failing of the Labor government here in NSW.

It's funny reading your post because I don't think the media organizations that have that strong left leaning actually realise that most people get turned off by their pap.

And then they wonder why their circulation drops?

phil said...

Cheers, Comrade! The only Sydney paper I pay any attention to is the (awful) Morning Herald which moaned & kvetched about John Howard for years & then on the eve of last election declared their non-partisanship by not endorsing any party! LOL
About their only columnist I like is Miranda Devine. But their entertainment section is worth a look: good, funny, movie reviews and stuff. And their RugbyHeaven section is excellent; Peter Fitz is good value.