Tuesday, September 05, 2006

news nibbles

Fuzzy forecasters: Niwa portends a dry spring for Godzone. Mind you, the very same institute had predicted a 'mild' winter - and all of us, huddled in our igloos, know how that turned out. Don't ditch your brollies just yet.

Payless picketers: National Distribution Union whining about strikers enduring "financial stress" after 12 days of industrial action without pay. Advice to desperate, destitute, distribution picketers: Go back to work!

Recycled rumours:
Helen Clark not taking her chances of UN top job seriously. Good - neither is America. So the repulsive trollop will never, thankfully, become Sec-Gen (our msm's breathless fantasies notwithstanding). Although clearly of requisite calibre & character for the position (deceitful, corrupt, dishonest), the idea is patently ridiculous.

Hollywood houri: From the ridiculous to the sublim... er,
umm... equally ridiculous. Pop tarts rule according to Top 20 'most discussed celeb' rankings. Britney Spears still the world's top gossip topic; edging out fellow Nobel-prize winner, Paris Hilton. The weird but yummy Angelina Jolie, who's actually blessed with acting talent (imo), has to settle for bronze.

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