Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday snarls

ONE's woes
TV One News viewers desert en masse, the broadcaster losing half its audience in two years. And who can blame Kiwis for rejecting their slop? An analysis of an average news hour would breakdown thusly:

* 10 minutes of ads
* 5 minutes of promos for upcoming stories/ programmes/ presenter banter
* 5 minutes of weather
* 20 minutes of sports
* 5 minutes of imported international news clips

The remaining quarter hour devoted to: Labour Party spin; union lobbying;
providing a soapbox for activists; and inane lifestyle fluff better suited to women's magazines. Oh, and plus the occasional news story thrown in for good measure. TVNZ producers should call it what it is: a six o'clock chat show for lefties to affirm and promote their progressive swill: dependence on Big Govt, high taxes, mass abortion, gay sex & depravity, pacifist cowardice, liberal pieties, coercive multi-culti rubbish & hostility to Christians, prez Bush & America.

A few weeks ago they aired a brief item on an attitudinal survey showing NZers becoming more morally conservative. Rather than report the findings dispassionately with professional detachment, some smarmy, immature, jejune, left-wing twit reporter smugly dismissed it as 'bad news.' With such condescending arrogance towards broad cross-sections of the traditional kiwi public - decent, honest, hard-workers who cherish their families and communities - is anyone surprised we choose not be insulted and vote with our remotes?


Anonymous said...

leave the Sport alone! JJ

Anonymous said...

The problem is that TV3 is just as left wing, if not more so.

Prime for me it is then!