Tuesday, September 26, 2006

sweet talker

Potty-mouthed Parliamentarian
Every cab driver's worst nightmare, Mark Latham, publishes compendium of
his acidic aphorisms, vociferous vernacular & querulous quotes during final year as Labor leader. The warrior from Werriwa worried over Ockers' vanishing virility. Strafed by lefties, PC & feminism, Ozzy blokedom, says Macho Mark, has been reduced to "nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags." Don't worry, mate. Y'all still waaay tougher than the epicene nancy-boys across the ditch. Proof? You have a conservative PM, plus soldiers serving in Iraq (which you could've brought home by Christmas if only millions hadn't voted Liberal). A scenario, no doubt, that elicited this rather 'colourful' remark:
Prime Minister John Howard "has got his tongue up Bush's clacker that often the poor guy must think he's got an extra haemorrhoid"
Charming! Mr Latham's book reveals his true nature: abrasive, abusive, tasteless & offensive... so you can see why I kinda like him [just not as a passenger in my taxi.]

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