Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Miracle!

Hallelujah Helen!
Our Prime Minister has a road to Damascus experience, and now welcomes Christians into the godless, god forsaken Labour fold. How nice to share fellowship with atheists, sex perverts & baby-killers. Wonder if the Brethren are welcome? Apparently not. Our deputy PM describes them:
"a small, unrepresentative, intolerant, self confessed exclusive group bought themselves a political party and nearly captured a nation by stealth"
For a minute I thought he meant Labour's motley mob of feminists, queers, unionists, & academics, ushering in the second coming of communism. Helen's epiphany has reaffirmed a deep faith in the sanctity of marriage:
"Clark paid special tribute to her husband Peter Davis, saying he was the most special person in her life"
Does Judith Tizard know this? Have to laugh at the cheap, transparent, cynical appeal to Christian votes with this phoney new makeover: Helen as hausfrau, uber-kiwi wife, standing by her man. Next we'll see her baking fudge brownies, adopting African orphans, then a Woman's Day cover beaming how motherhood's transformed her life. Forget the pledge cards, Labour needs Tui billboards for their '08 campaign.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Point very well made, Phil. I hope a couple od EB's are the first to sign up for the Labour 'Christian Faction.' They'll need them you know. Apparently they can't find fifty members who know anything about religion. Mind you, now that they know they've got to front up with $1.5 mil before they have a peny for the next campaign, I'd be surpised if by next month they've even got 50 members left.