Tuesday, October 10, 2006

moral outrages

Hey, teacher; leave those kids alone!
The schooling profession falls further into disrepute with news of a Southland high school teacher charged with sexual offences with an underage pupil and a Napier college teacher fired for an affair with a 16 year old student. Moral reprobates deserve the harshest of condemnation. This pair of pedagogical perverts have abused the authority entrusted in them, preyed upon vulnerable youngsters, and perpetuate anxieties about the unsuitability of men teachers. Seen in the context of today's schooling it's perhaps unsurprising. Teachers regularly hand out condoms to students, applaud all forms of casual sex, encourage homosexuality, and facilitate abortions without parental consent. Given the permissive sexual environment actively promoted by contemporary educational philosophy, does it shock anyone to discover our schools are rife with amoral lechers who call themselves "teachers"?

Paikea's pepi
Congratulations mum-to-be, Keisha Castle-Hughes, for choosing not to abort your baby. The Family Killing Planning Association (who never met a foetus they didn't try to murder) is most upset she decided against 'terminating' her unborn child. Elsewhere, her pregnancy has attracted an astonishing amount of opprobrium from some quarters here in NZ (of all places!) Good ol' liberal Kiwiland where hookers freely ply their trade, gays 'marry', lesbians become 'fathers', govt funds sex-change operations, mums have multiple kids to various fathers (raised via taxpayer support), marriage is viewed as quaint or reactionary, adultery is condoned, and illegitimate children are the norm. Then a 16 year old Maori girl gets pregnant (shock! horror!) and the wowsers faint with disapproval - sheesh! The correct response to her critics is: "aint none of ya goddamn business!" She's old enough to mother a child, rich enough to support one (won't become a welfare statistic), and her man is happily willing to stand beside her. So apart from crusty, old Victorian throw-backs like me, saddened by kids born outside of wedlock, what's everyone moaning about?

Some are worried about the negative impact a child may have on her film aspirations - as if there are no actresses with children! Just goes to show how devalued motherhood has become. It may be news to the relentless careerists, but many women actually find their children (and subsequent grandchildren) incredibly rewarding. Something that no prestigious job, public acclaim, nor plentiful salary can ever hope to compensate. A woman's choice, remember? Well, some women choose motherhood - and often a career, too. So there!

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