Wednesday, November 08, 2006

blog help

Looks like I flunked Blogging 101, broke every rule. At least according to one chap & his 10 TIPS for good blogging.

[via instabloke]

1. Provide an autobiography
I'm a hapless suburban nobody somewhere near the South Pole. Life is crap. Need I say more?

2. Provide a photo
You sure 'bout that? My blog's ugly enough already. And I'd never be that cruel to strangers.

3. Use descriptive posting titles
Minimalism is the new black. Vagueness is in vogue; get with it!

4. Avoid using vague links
If people don't click on your links (or read your blog)... who cares? Do you get paid for it? Is there an exam at the end? A crucial final assessment? Do you win a prize? No! Again: who cares?

5. Highlight your best posts
Posts are mere transitory opinions; like the news: ephemeral, evanescent... Tomorrow no one will care. Posts aren't fine wine maturing with time. More like rubbish at the tip, decaying and smelly. Some things are better left unintered.

6. Keep posts well categorised
I've near given up on the categorising experiment. It's like sorting and archiving your garbage. See #5

7. Publish frequently
Whose got the energy? the inclination? the motivation? Only blog-omaniacs, geeks and robots have that stamina. Blogging's like romance, or disco dancing: one must be in the mood.

8. Avoid mixing topics
Eh? Blogs are about whatever bloggers want to talk about. No topic's off limits. Beside, there's more to life than just moaning about Helen Clark and lefties. There's muslims, euroweenies, academics... a host of others to disparage.

9. Be aware a future employer may read your blog
If future bosses are super thin-skinned crybabys, who get all hurt over an insignificant blog, they sound like prats to work for in the first place. Hung up about my private life & thoughts? Get over it, and shove your job.

10. Don't use another's weblog sevice
Of course I use someone else's freebie blog service, you sure don't expect me to PAY to write inconsequential trivia. Nobody's that rich (nobody I know anyway).

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