Sunday, November 05, 2006

bad faith

Good Heavens!
Christopher Monckton is a global warming agnostic who disputes many of the outragous claims made by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He cites major flaws: figures fudged; facts distorted; contrary evidence ignored; and not only exposes the UN (again!) as a bunch of corrupt liars and thieves, but refutes many supposed scientific facts the climate change cult claim as gospel.

I'm with those who say environmentalism is a new religion, or at least a reprisal of pagan nature-worship. Invested with deep religious symbolism, it's a perfect vehicle for contemporary urban atomised man to reconnect with something greater, numinous, and awe-inspiring; to help make sense of the cosmos; and to impose a sense of order and certainty on life's seemingly random chaos.

Like old time religions, environmentalism requires extraordinary faith and submission to a dimly-understood deity. For the greenies, god is both bountiful earth-mother plus vengeful sky-father who punishes mortal transgressions with storms and floods. Global warming is our bad karma: the new god's wrath burning us with scorching temperatures (modern day fire & brimstone) - divine retribution from the heavens for sins of consumption. Our pledges of austerity (Kyoto targets, etc) are our penance; economic 'sacrifices' as propitiation rites to appease an angry weather god.

Yup, environmentalists all sound like a bunch of silly religious nutjobs, if you ask me.
[not that there's anything wrong with that]

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