Thursday, November 16, 2006

ewww, the EU

Antipodean antagonism
Haven't bashed the euroweenies for a while [slipping, slipping]. Here goes...
Our socialist try-hard Prime minister, Helen Clark, wants to snuggle up closer to the big guns of totalitarian state control, the European Union. She reckons:
"There's an appreciation in Brussels that New Zealand is the most like-minded country on earth to the EU.. we need to look at a way of formalising the closeness we have in some kind of greater partnership"
Oh, vomit! Yes, we are a lot like the euro-peons: overtaxed, over regulated, about to be flooded by immigrants (Allah willing) who are none concerned for our long-term cultural survival, and tragically too timid to face the fact frankly. Oh yeah, and like many euro-wusses, we're weak spineless pacifists, with hopelessly ill-equipped disarmed militaries, dependent on other nations for security in the event of war [cheers, Oz!]

Now all we need is to completely sign away our national sovereignty to the UN and other trans-national bodies, prostrate ourselves before the Ay-rabs, villify America and Israel, and we're done. Our euro-weenie-fication is complete!

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