Thursday, November 09, 2006


The bad news for pro-Bushies
Britney Spears to divorce homely, talentless, charm-free husband. Finally, she sobers up. This is only her... what? 3rd divorce? at age 24. Don't worry, Brits, you're still my fave skanky pop-ho (and prez Bush's most globally famous supporter).

The other bad news for pro-Bushies
Dick Morris on the terrible results of the US midterm elections with some historical perspective on the 'curse' of 6th year presidents. Us devoted GWB fans are devastated, deep in shock, depressed and in denial. Guess too many conservatives - fed up with GOP laxness on immigration, social security reform, out-of-control spending, McCain & the gang of idiots, various scandals - just didn't bother voting. Don't worry, Dubya - you're still my #1. I won't go wobbly on ya, or desert you during wartime. God bless America. God bless the troops. And God help us all if the Dems go soft on the islamaniacs (who still want to kill us, btw, regardless of any election results).


Ruth said...

I like Britney too Phil.Like Madonna, she is a hugely wealthy and successful woman - and all on her own bat. Also she is one of the most maligned celebs with regard to her kids, her weight etc. She just takes the money and keeps smiling. As she should.

Heine said...

Madonna is a strange aging cult member. I would not trust her with my children.