Friday, November 10, 2006


witch hunt
Another ex-cop falsely accused of rape by a psycho-liar. Why should the accuser get name suppression? This is her third nasty unsuccessful attempt to smear him. The nutcase has stalked the guy for 16 years. Her name should be broadcast to warn the public a vicious insane slanderer is on the loose. The guy was cleared 10 years ago, but his case reopened on Helen Clark's insistence during the Clint Rickards brouhaha. This is the legacy of that screwed up bimbo, Louise Nicholas, and the prime minister's assault on the NZ Police.
Defence lawyer Gary Gotlieb claimed the Crown had prosecuted.. only because the case was referred to the commission of inquiry into police conduct. "And I have to say it again, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck from the Prime Minister referring it back to them. Hey, doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable? It certainly makes me feel uncomfortable."
Something smells. A good journalist would investigate Helen's long history of interference into police matters: ridding Commissioner Doone, appointing pet Robinson, appointing Lyn Provost (an extremely unpopular civilian with NO prior policing experience) as assistant commisioner, Helen's animosity to Rickards, the inquiry into police conduct, appointing the pliable Broad as new chief, etc. What are Helen's motives? Spare us the line about police independence from ministerial meddling. National headquarters is full of high level cronies with puppet strings pulled by the PM, herself.

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Rob Good said...

TIme for a government change in NZ.