Monday, December 11, 2006

dullard dads

pitiful patriarchs
Probably being terribly uncharitable here, but I can't resist jeering at this non-story about a hocum study by bird brain researchers. Today's gender-equity outrage: Men are marginalised as Parents.

In our post-feminist age, where even males can be needy victims, helpless fathers feel 'excluded' by natal services that focus on women. Well, gee! I thought pregnancy & childbirth was the whole point of natal care. When men get morning sickness, are lumbered with gestation, experience labour pains & all the subsequent hormonal & physiological changes of giving birth, then we'll start worrying about 'em, too.

A grand total of 11 couples were interviewed, with the study concluding that men often found life with newborns stressful (hardly ground-breaking stuff). Researchers are bothered that bewildered blokes lack information about impending fatherhood. 'Experts' blame this knowledge gap on the 'language' of parenting:
Parenting information tended to focus on women, and men found the language of childbirth difficult to understand... "Men are there, ready and willing and able, but the language is different and their role as a parent isn't addressed, so they tend to drift away."
What rot! Anyone who has ever attended ante-natal classes will tell you the 'language' spoken is English: questions are welcomed, clarifications freely given. Unsure about something? Feel left in the dark? Then don't dither about in ignorant inaction! Do something about it and take responsibility for your research. Ask questions, peruse those pamphlets in the hospital wards, read books, go to the library, search the internet, seek knowledge.

If your dad-to-be is too dipsy to raise his hand in ante-natal class, too timid to ask a midwife a question, or too dull to strike a conversation with a plunket nurse, then you've picked a bit of a dud, imo. What's worse, you let him impregnate you.

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