Tuesday, December 05, 2006

out there

lunar landmarks
NASA to build a scientific base on the Moon. That is so cool! Although they're unsure what astronauts will actually do there (which isn't so cool). But another great leap for mankind, anyway. The project to be funded by the budget currently allocated to the space shuttles, set to be retired in 2010 (so I don't know how they're gonna get to the moon and back... but I'm sure they'll think of something.)

Back off, Wallaby-boy!
Australian federal fantasists suggest NZ surrender our sovereignty to Ozzy, and become one with the Lucky Country. Now we know what the Abos mean by "Dreamtime." Sorry, Ocker-optimists, your luck just ran out. Only three possible upsides to voluntarily relinquishing our autonomy.
  1. John Howard would be our King
  2. We'd have the best cricket, league & netball teams in the world
  3. We'd have a way, way, WAY tougher Army, Navy & Airforce (with guns, even!)
Other than that, how d'ya say "Peese off, mate!" in Strine.


Rob Good said...

I am not sure what good a lunar residence will do for the USA or any other country for that matter, other than bragging rights.

I would not be very excited to call myself an Australian after all this time....

fm said...

If we can barely stand it to call Tasmanians Australians, don't worry, we won't be making the same mistake with you lot.

I've actually had a little peek at some of the thinking surrounding this and actually I don't think that anyone is actually suggesting that we call each other anything other than our present names. We would merely be federated. So two "nations" under a single Federation. Someone even suggested a formal title: the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. What the short name for that would be is anyone's guess, but it doesn't matter too much because it's something of a nickname anyway. (Though clearly we'll need something respectable.) Besides, you guys have those pesky add-ons like the Cook Islands and Niue, and I'm not sure they would want to be called Australian either. I suspect that would allow all of us to continue with our present sporting arrangements with the possible exception of the Olympics. Though thinking about, don't the Russians compete separately from the rest of the Commonwealth of Independent States? No matter. You guys don't win any medals there anyway. :-)

Nope. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon. Australians couldn't care less but you guys do. I think you'd have to be in dire straits financially to be interested and, despite your problems, I can't see that on the horizon.