Monday, December 04, 2006


Back again
It's freezing here in the Capital. Weather's crap. Heaps of rain & wind gusts between bleak outbreaks of cloud patches. Ahh, summertime in Wellington! Love the long daylight hours, though.

I'm starting to think our national propensity to socialist spinelessness stems from lack of sunlight being so close to the pole. Seasonal Affective Disorder en masse. Deprived of the sun's life-giving rays for much of the year, our growth is stunted, so we remain undeveloped passive hapless pawns, ripened for the socialists' picking. Kinda like those Scandanavian countries. All lifeless inert wimpiness, but without the pretty blond hair.

In my absence... I've just been too lazy to blog - y'know how it is. Blogging's like a health or fitness regime (jogging, meditation, the gym) ya gotta keep at it daily or it's easy to fall off the wagon. Have decided a new makeover is needed to get my mojo back.

* Anyhow, a fond farewell first of all. Goodbye, my good blog buddy. Take care! Good luck! And let's hope Ozzy never wins another sporting event on NZ soil, ever!
Well... take care & good luck anyway! :-)

Goodwill to all mankind
I love this prayer. It's the very first karakia I ever learned:
He honore he kororia ki te Atua
He maungarongo ki te whenua
He whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa

All honour & glory to the Almighty
May there be peace throughout the land, and
Goodwill to all mankind
Indeed, the very first words written on this blog. It's time to extend some of that whakaaro pai (good will) to all. Yes, that's right, I'm adding lefties to the blogroll [gasp!] Not coz I like them or anything, but the blog, like this 3rd term Labour Govt, has run out of steam so is content to fiddle while Rome burns. Blogrolling the lefties is my one act of humanitarianism for 2006. (Don't worry, I can always delete them later, in a big right-wing hissy-fit) There! Now the crybaby leftoids can't call me a hateful right-wing bigot who never did anything for them. They can still call me a "hateful right-wing bigot," but at least by linking them I upped their cyber-mana.

Also gonna add a special blog section for (objectivist) libertarians. Unusual for a cult, I find them rather amusing, in a daffy but harmless sorta way. So they get the nod, too.

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fm said...

I'm still around mate. Just infrequently, that's all. Thanks for the kind words though. Now let's get back trashing each other's teams! (I don't expect much trouble at my end!)