Monday, December 04, 2006

update II

light & fluffy personals
* My nephew, a firefighter, is volunteering to pose for next year's (2008) Fire Service's 'beefcake' calendar. I support the service (and my nep) to the max. But the thought of my own family member as a 'sex object' sits very queasily with me. Yecch & Ewww! Don't know how relatives of adult-movie stars cope.

* Acquired the "LOST" series 2 DVDs and been giving them a good thrashing. A miracle of magical movie-making. A great masterwork whose artistic excellence ranks with Beethoven's tunes or that church that Michelangelo painted (IMH-and admittedly disputable-O). Still in love with Michelle Rodriguez.

* Finally saw part 2 of The Matrix series - on TV that is, would never rent anything
made by Bush-bashers. Dismal plot, characters & storytelling, but spectacular fight scenes. Outside the Jackie Chan genre, I haven't seen such superbly choreographed dance action sequences since series one of Dark Angel.

* Am falling under the spell of Edouard Manet. Have always (personally) thought the era of Really Great Painting began with Van Gogh & ended with Picasso. (Francis Bacon was painting's last dying gasp before Jackson Pollock murdered it completely). But Manet's more than just a misty, smudgy impressionist. He's truly a subversive, and a pivotal figure in the history of art weirdness.

* Have been downloading, or rather 'viewing' lots of music vids on YouTube (which take forever to load on dial-up). I didn't pay for them. Does this make me a thief?

* I read a whole book just recently - something I've not done in ages. Amazing, after a long continuous diet of news articles and blog posts, how shortened my attention span has become. Mental fitness, like physical health, requires constant exercise to keep in top gear.

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