Thursday, January 04, 2007

good times

Rare moments
Today I experienced something I've not felt in a long, long time... sunshine. Wellington's weather was actually fine. Well, hello summer! [bit friggin late arriving] All of which cheers me tremendously, hence some happy news for a change. The Poms actually do something praiseworthy (believe it or not!)

An exceptionally talented 14 yr old English chap becomes the youngest person to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. What an incredible feat! I'm mightily impressed by his courage, willpower and enormous self-belief [in contrast to my own 14 yr old nephews, who've barely the confidence to look a judge in the eye when pleading, "Not guilty."] So inspired am I, that I'm moved to offer my personal laudations.

Dear Mr Michael Perham,

Congratulations on your magnificent achievement! I send warmest regards and wish you a successful future. Well done!

My advice: keep on sailing and don't go home. Head to America and escape the enslavement of your Eurabian-socialist future. Oh, and don't bother coming here to NZ, either. The commies are just as out-of-control here, too. (And the last thing this country needs is more bloody poms!)

yours admiringly,

Phil in N.Z.
(Son of an Englishman - but please don't hate me for it! Although mum's a Maori - now that's a good reason to hate me. You'll find out 'why' if you're ever silly enough to come here.)

Kia ora & Happy New Year

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Mrs Smith said...

What a marvellous lad. Award points to his mother as well, who expresses concern that her son was having to contend with sharks, but admits it was still better than him sitting at home in front of the computer. She should come to NZ at once, and run some parenting courses.