Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Things I won't be saying in 2007

# The good thing about Helen Clark is...
# We need another law to ban...
# My, what a pretty Labour politician!
# Oh, those poor Palestinians
# Yumm, that vegetarian meal looks delicious
# Wow, this Ayn Rand book is really starting to make sense
# What I like most about Australians is...
# A sophisticated Maori intellectual view would posit that...
# Turn up that rap music!
# I might go for a jog now, just for fun...

Goals for 2007
  • Win the Rugby World Cup
Please, God, let it happen! It's terrifying contemplating the Ozzies, Poms or Sth Afreakins winning again [the horror!] Or the French [stop it! stop it!] The only upside to losing is the national depression that follows will spill over to next year's election. Hopefully our grizzly electorate will expunge this creaky, creepy, corrupt Govt, like all tired 3rd-termers deserve. Usually I don't think sport & politics mix. But if a rugby loss can help get rid of the Abominable Snow-hag, then it might just be worth it.

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