Friday, January 12, 2007


"One in three girls are raped or sexually abused," is the ridiculous incendiary announcement of Kylie Tippett, a 'rape prevention educator' unleashed upon our schools to 'educate' youth. Kylie is yet another dangerous peddler of outrageous manufactured claptrap. Her specious numbers are not supported by Police or Justice statistics. Kylie's ilk is responsible for so much febrile feminist foolishness about Miss Average Kiwi who is molested before her 5th birthday, assaulted before 10, raped at 15, and murdered by husband at 20.
"I saw the effect.. of sexual abuse.. so I gained an interest from there"
"Before, I was living in a nice little world where I didn't realise it happened as much as it does"
That was before her empty head was filled with wimmin's-studies slop. Why is this liar given free reign to spread malicious mush in our schools, with no one to challenge her spurious claims? Because like all sly manipulators in victim-grievance cottage industries, she uses sensitive emotive subjects - like paedophilia or infanticide - to shield herself from censure and scrutiny. (After all, only a heartless sod would dare say something unkind about 'protectors' of 'victims'). A saintly noblehood grants immunity from criticism, allowing her toxic nonsense to fester in classrooms unchecked. Her mission to poison minds aided by the ever-obliging NZ Herald, which delights in rabid histrionics. As the outlandish msm hysteria over Louise Nicholas demonstrates, all it takes is one trashy dipstick to cry wolf, and our journos scream "rape!" in unison.

I feel sorry for today's schoolgirls; awash with alcohol, at the mercy of teenboys on hormonal overdrive, with promiscuity encouraged by their libertine dreaming condom-dispensing teachers. Then to be brainwashed by Kylie Tippett and other feminist sickos with deranged pornographic fetishes, who force upon impressionable students outlandish lies and lurid sex fantasies. Feminist rape-fetishists are the flip-side of dirty old men; perverts preoccupied with smut who see lewd innuendo and undercurrents everywhere, but with a violent criminal twist.

Most probably, today's youngsters ARE shagging more than ever. However most casual liaisons are neither romantic nor emotionally sustaining. More likely, they're fraught with strange fears and anxieties, often resulting in regret. And so we have an epidemic of bad sex. Unfortunately, rape has been redefined as any sexual activity that a woman later feels unpleasant. Repeat this lie it often enough and it becomes 'truth'.

Real rape is an abhorrent brutal outrage. Intolerable and unconscionable, it must always be resolutely condemned. But just because sex-obsessed lunatics screech that 1 in 3 women are victims, doesn't make it so. Lies, distortions and exaggerations won't solve sexual assault, catch offenders, protect the innocent or heal survivors. And it doesn't help by telling young women that every unsatisfactory sexual encounter means she was raped.


Lindsay said...

..outlines the programme. A scenario is given under the question, Is This Rape?

Probably it reflects a very common experience whereby a teenage girl, having secured the attention of the guy she has the hots for, goes ahead and has sex, even though she is not sure she wants to.

That is not rape. In my book, it isn't even sexual abuse. If it was, then maybe the stats (estimates actually) are right.

Ronnie said...

Your feeble minds are difficult to comprehend in their small mindedness. Tragic.