Tuesday, January 09, 2007

system failure

Hey Kiwis! Enjoying your summer, basking in glorious balmy weather?


It was my 40th birthday last Saturday, an opportune time for reflection on the past 4 decades. Shall we list my memorable milestones and admirable achievements thus far?
Umm... er... let's not!

Anyhow, it was my worst (read: "most sober") birthday celebrations to date. The good thing about having staunch Baptist sisters is that they rarely, if ever, need you to bail their kids out of police cells. The bad thing is they never buy booze as birthday gifts. Forget Ferraris, yachts and mansions for prezzies, just buy me a bottle with an alcohol/volume content on the label. Luckily, my brothers are not so religious. Unluckily, they drink more than I do, so my modest booze stash was quickly squandered (the nice stuff, anyway) and I was forced to sip peach schnapps & tonic all evening. Do not try this at home! You'll get diabetes before you get merry.

Anyway, it's the school holidays so I have a houseful of rellies, and can only blogsurf intermittently. My computer's rarely free, having been overtaken by teenage nephews (whom I suspect must be aspiring gynaecologists, such is their intense interest in 'anatomical' internet graphics). Dunno what they've done, but my puter's been packing a sad lately - slow as molasses and prone to breakdowns.

So.... will have to do the restore thing, which takes forever to download service packs & updates etc, on dial-up. Will see you in a few days. Hopefully with a restored computer, replenished booze cabinet and randy nephews off-loaded to another unfortunate family member. Until then, take care, avoid sickly liqueurs, watch out for pervert relatives & enjoy our "long hot summer."

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Eric Olthwaite said...

Happy birthday Pxhil. I've only just discovered your blog, it looks to be a good read.