Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's back

Goody, goody. All excited over LOST season 3 about to start. Tonight's first episode is about Jack. Wonder whether he'll cry? No doubt at one stage he'll emote, yell, and screw his face up in a big tanty. He's an interesting character. In American TV-land, the doctor sits Zeus-like among the pantheon of roles; the most prestigious career and polar opposite to the similarly lucrative, yet demonised profession, lawyers. The doctor is a mother-father figure, both protective and caring, authoritative and sympathetic, sensitive yet aloof. Mythologically, Jack is the sacred-king, a dying-and-reviving god image, an Oedipal boy who must slay his father to assume the throne.


Jimmy Jangles said...

Jimmy yells, and screws his face up in a big tanty

Jimmy Jangles said...

By that I mean it was cool.

Mrs Smith said...

I love Lost. No spoilers, please. I'm recording them all on My Sky, so one weekend I can have a Lost marathon. I am beside myself with excitement.

I have a thing for John Locke. Is that wrong?

Phil said...

Well the first episode yawned its way across our screens. What a major disappointment! The lamest so far & Jack's become a complete pussy. He used to be a noble heroic character, but now he's become a brooding self-pitying obsessive neurotic. All he ever does is bawl his eyes out. It's OK in the flashbacks, coz that's where all the harrowing drama takes place, but he's pretty much tearing up in every single scene - even on the island! He's a doctor, why doesn't he prescribe himself some meds?
And as for being knocked out by one punch from a girl half his size - pathetic! I think the show might have jumped the shark. It used to have action, mystery, drama and suspense - it's turned into a maudlin hand-wringing soap opera.

One good thing I do like is the character Alex, she is one pretty 16 year old girl! I might have fancied her last year, too, but she would've only been 15 then, and as we all know, that's a big no-no. So I'm glad I waited till she was 'legal' otherwise people might think I'm a perv ;-)