Friday, February 02, 2007


clueless clairvoyants
"On 2 February, 1998, the Psychic Friends Network filed for chapter 11 bankrupty protection, and not a one of the more than 11,000 professional 'psychics' on the payroll saw it coming."
LOL ~ random internet snippet found aimlessly surfing

hear hear!
Coup leader, Frank Bainimarama, to ban Helen Clark from Fiji. Now there's foreign policy to support. I'd like to ban her from the planet, full stop. If anyone needs an insurrection it's the Beast, her hideous self.

commonsense kiwi
Fashion designer Denise L'Estrange-Corbet bucks international PC trend and defends skinny supermodels:
"The whole point of being a fashion model is to be thin... The job.. is to make clothes look amazing. The thinner you are the more fabulous you look... When I'm paying them to model my clothes, that's what I'm paying for."
Amen, sister! Tell those porky pie-scoffing critics to shove it in their cake-holes. Modeling's an elite, exclusive profession: uglies, oldies, fatties & shorties need not apply.

laughable laudations
Boring blowhard bloviator, Al Gore, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to combat climate change. What could possibly be worse? How about Kofi Annan winning Palmes peace Prize for humans rights? I nominate Cheeky Darky the bigger outrage, since the world's biggest ($20 billion) United Nations fraud scandal occurred on his watch. Although the greenies might top even that if successful in their great glo-bull warming swindle.

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