Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I hate censorship

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Our Govt is desperate to shut down the CYFSwatch blog critical of social workers and the Ministry of Social Development's deep dysfunctionalism. Go, the bloggers! If there's one thing I'm hand-in-hand in with the libertarians (perish the thought), it's free speech. Viva la internet!

Random thoughts:
* I'm leaping on the blog-wagon and linking it, as a passionate believer in freedom of expression and opinion. ...and I'm a stirrer who'll do anything to annoy anyone even remotely connected with a Labour MP.

* I support all attempts to expose ministerial muck, sleaze, bullying, ineptitude, incompetence and illegality. Whither the intrepid journalists of yore? Today, bloggers must do the job for them

* At worst, Hate-speech Helen will enact domestic censorship laws, squelching disclosure of official info on the net. Another one of the thousand cuts to kill liberty in Godzone. Dunno how or if it would work, but no doubt she'll find 61 other like-minded lemmings among our Big-State ban-all-you-can control-freak nanny MPs. Our blog-phobic msm will cheer them eagerly along.

* Glad I didn't have a blog back in the day (pre-9/11) during own legal squirmishes. All those judges, lawyers, court staff, cops... slagged off with hateful fanaticism - woulda been ugly. Worse, probably would've defied all court orders to stop blogging... and just got into more trouble... :-(

* I'd love to see an Abortion-watch set up, exposing teachers who facilitate abortions for schoolgirls without parental consent or notification. Surely even pro-choice libertarians must be uncomfortable with Govt's sneaky intrusive body-snatching?

* If social workers hate the cyber-savaging, imagine how journalists must feel? getting hacked over daily by blogs left and right. Ahhh, makes ya smile, dunnit? :-)

* Hope CYFSwatch bloggers authors are tech-savvy enough to save all their info if blog gets shut down... and republish it all again on new blogs: "Determination can always outsmart the law" ~ Maori proverb (I think)

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