Thursday, February 08, 2007

back with a vengeance

LOST totally rocked last night! One of the best episodes ever after last week's dull, excruciating pilot. Just what we needed; bountiful lashings of soap, violence and intrigue. And so many "OMG" moments!

omg - Sun cheats on Jin with Jae
omg - Sun gets caught by dad
omg - Jin must kill Jae for dad
omg - Jae kills self
omg - Sun pregnant with Jae's child?
omg - Can Jin understand English?
omg - Sun shoots that 'other' [cheer]
omg - Kate & Sawyer's kiss! [gasp] So hot, dang nearly set my teeth on fire!
omg - Gratuitous shots of Kate's legs in that skimpy little dress [thud]

It's been 2 episodes and our love-triangled main characters are still imprisoned. Why?? This is Hollywood for pete's sake! Everyone knows that one unarmed good guy can easily overcome squadrons of baddies with guns. Haven't the scriptwriters ever seen a Jean-Claude van Damme movie? C'mon Jack! We expect a lead man to do more than just look pretty and burst into tears a lot. We need something heroic, like an ingenious yet implausible prison break leaving scores of bullet-ridden corpses in your wake. And Kate, put your pants back on! You've gone all girly in that dress. Last season's tomboy would've easily disarmed that 'other', punched a few bad guys, then made a fortuitous escape. And Sawyer? Notice how many people have assaulted him?: Sayid, Boone, Charlie, Jack, Kate (several times), Ana Lucia (several times), Hurley and Pickett. Fullah gets beat up every week, or else gets slapped, electrocuted, tortured or shot. Poor guy.

What needs to happen next
Michael Must Die! The cold-blooded murder of my precious darling wife, Ana Lucia, must not go unavenged.

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