Friday, March 16, 2007

booze cures blues

Hoorah - a common sense clinician! A Christchurch psychiatrist suggests dispensing with post-traumatic stress counseling and getting drunk instead. Buy that man a beer! Alcohol is much cheaper, quicker & far more fun. I would never spill my guts to a therapist; a complete stranger whom I neither know nor trust (although I don't mind pouring my heart out to a bartender).

And I'm very paranoid about shrinks, regardless of gender. I'm uncomfortable revealing my innermost feelings to another man, who could then use this knowledge to exploit my vulnerabilities. I'm very wary - to the point of neurosis - about another bloke's intrusion into my privacy. If I wanted male intimacy, I'd lurk around men's toilets (preferably at a gay bar, where at least there'd always be booze close at hand).

Were I to consult a female shrink, having opened my heart to a woman who finally understands me, I'd no doubt fall in love with her and end up resentful at my passion being unrequited. Male or female, consulting a shrink would leave me emotionally crippled. So I avoid psychologists from the get-go and save everyone a whole heap of grief.

Thus I endorse the use of liquor as a substitute for talking through one's troubles. Being pragmatic, I advise people to drink at all times, before any potential trauma, so when disaster actually strikes, you're too sloshed to care. I'd even go one step further and recommend rescuers and paramedics feed whiskey intravenously to witnesses of disasters. Nothing like the demon drink to loosen people up and get them yacking about their problems. And isn't that the whole point of therapy anyway?

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