Sunday, March 11, 2007

Scumbag vs Dirtbag

Ellis vs Alice
I never used to hate lawyers until I had to hire one. After a long-winded spiel in legalese to the judge in which she effectively pleaded "guilty" on my behalf, I was furious to have spent hundreds of $$ when I could've just said "guilty" myself and saved a whole heap of cash. Now I despise them almost as much as journalists. When a lawyer gets hit by a train I send a condolence message... to NZ Rail & the poor bugger who has to clean up.

So I'm overjoyed to hear about two bull-crapping barristers at each other's throats. Tony 'do-gooder' Ellis and Rob 'girlfriend' Moodie in a spiteful solicitors' spat over unpaid fees. Catfight! Yeah, baby! I love litigious bloodsports and hope they sue each other into a messy expensive pulp.

Any bets? My money's on the drag queen.

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