Sunday, March 11, 2007

baby buzzes

A friend once remarked that when she was pregnant, she soon became acutely aware of other expectant mothers everywhere. They suddenly seemed to stand out like glowing beacons, whereas beforehand they had passed by unnoticed.

A similar thing happened yesterday when I took my new nep' for a stroll to the shops in his pushchair. I became hyper-conscious of being surrounded by babies and toddlers in every direction.

I've also previously noticed - when pushing a pram or carrying a baby in a front pack - the many friendly glances I get from complete strangers - especially women. Who would've thought that scruffy ol' me in a T-shirt, track-pants & running shoes with near permanent snarly frown would get so many kind looks and smiles from the otherwise indifferent public mobs?

ps - There's no point or moral to this post. Just one of those "how 'bout that?" observations on life in general.

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