Wednesday, March 07, 2007

(c)lucky me

I've become an uncle again [eyes brimming & lips quivering]. Yay, me! Sister & bro-in-law have adopted his niece's baby, so now I'm the proud matua of a 7 month old, blond-haired, blue-eyed Pakeha boy - and he's adorable. I'm all squishy and gooey. I know many (most?) parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles think their baby is the cutest, sweetest, most special little angel - but they're wrong... my boy is :-)

All my siblings are fighting over their turn to babysit. Since I'm single and sans vehicle, I'm way down on the priority list, but I'm so looking forward to him staying with me... and going all gaga as he puts things in his mouth and makes a big mess and wrecks all my belongings and generally trashes the place. But that's OK coz he's my (latest) lil' bundle o' joy & I can't wait to spoil him.

Ahhh!! [big sigh!]. Think I might have male menopause, it's like I'm a raging river of hormones. I feel totally high! My natural bitterness, hostility and aggression has mysteriously vanished, replaced by a kind, caring benevolence. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Or maybe my recent lifestyle change (from drinking wine to drinking spirits) has begun to pay off. Either way, life is good & I'm one very cheery chappy.

Yikes! Hope I snap out of it soon... ;-)


Lindsay said...

Sorry if this is an insensitive comment due to knowing next to nothing about you but your posting begs the question, when are you going to get one of your own?

Phil said...

Lindsay - believe me, I've been trying! But despite supporting the self-help ethic, there are some things one can not do alone.

The crux of the problem is my lack of consenting partners. I'll explain all that in my upcoming autobiography, titled: "Love disasters and other romantic failures"