Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LOST the plot...?

What's happened to my favourite show!? I missed last week's epi (ate too much dinner, lay down on couch and when I awoke, it was dark and cold except for the cat lying on my stomach trying to claw my guts out). So I was devastated tonight to learn that Mr Eko got killed by the black smoke monster. Whaaat? Oh, no - he was one of my faves! How can you not love a phoney priest cum drug-dealing Nigerian warlord? Dunno if I can keep watching, every time I invest emotion in a character (Shannon, Ana Lucia, Eko) the writers kill them off. If Sawyer dies, I'll stop watching on Wednesdays & wait for the DVDs. If Sayid - my ultimate fave - gets the chop, I'll quit the show altogether. Might have to quit TV altogether.

One of the island's most enduring mysteries (imo) is the disproportionately large number of head-turningly lovely passengers who survived the plane crash. Incredible, dontcha think? A veritable United Nations beauty contest. A quick multi-culti pulchritude census:

* Stunning (new) Latino couple? Check
* Gorgeous Asian couple? Check.
* Handsome Arab man? Check.
* Attractive Caucasians? Jeepers, take your pick!
* Token big fella & token Hobbit? Check

But now with Mr Eko resting in peace & Miss Clue missing in action, there are no more beautiful Blacks. Who knows? Maybe next week a couple of fantastic looking Afro-Americans will be discovered in the overhead luggage compartment, amazingly still alive. And so the island's wonderful racial symmetry will be restored.

And is anyone else annoyed with Jack(ass) this season? Why not kill him off, the writers have already assassinated his character. He was my hero in series 1. Coming from a Christian background, I was deeply impressed with his Jesus-like ability to resurrect the dead (i.e. Charlie hanging from a tree). I similarly swooned at the start of series 2 when he "miraculously" cured his wife's multiple crushed verterbrae. But after that, all he did was get pissy with Locke, wave his gun at people and bark in their faces. This season he just mopes then shouts then back to sulking again. And don't even get me started on the crying! He tears up more often than all the others combined, including the women AND baby Aaron. Any excuse, and out come the water guns. C'mon Jack, harden up, man! Why do the writers make him such a crybaby? Do women really, honestly like weeping, blubbery men? Surely not! Coz if they do, then I'm afraid we're all doomed; our civilization is well and truly LOST.

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