Sunday, March 18, 2007

The end of blogging: Part II

My final post: the sequel
Yes, this is all sounds rather deja vu, I know. But the plan to have dual blogs has hit a snag. Just realised you can't have two completely separate blogspot blogs using just one username/password login. Both blogs share the same profile - if you edit one blog's profile, you simultaneously edit the other. Drats! I wanted two entirely different blogs: different names; different photos; different personae. Will just have to start over again. What a wasted effort so far!

Still, I'm determined to create a new and unique right-wing-death-beast blog. What's different, is it'll incorporate elements of left-wingedness, too. Y'know, like how those dizzy lefty feminist broads go into schools to propagate lies such as, "one in three girls are assaulted, one in six boys are molested!" Complete crap of course, and they think they can get away with it. But when challenged on their nonsense, they squirm, "oh, we're only just trying to start a discussion."

And that's what I'll do, too. Write absolutely offensive rubbish, knowing it'll raise folks' heckles. And when the abusive comments and e-mails start flooding in, I'll feign guilelessness and declare innocently, "I was only trying to start a discussion." So please don't think I'm a stirrer; I'm merely trying to encourage 'debate' for the benefit of all. I'm nothing if not a philanthropist ;-)

UPDATE: My new angry blog is here. It's titled "He Rupahu Noiho" which means "Just a whole lotta bullsh*t" (kinda like this one). My new blogname is "Piripi," the Maori translation for "Philip," which is my name IRL.


Blog Bloke said...

Check the Blogger help section. There is a way to separate blogs into different accounts without having to kill it. Cheers!

Phil said...

Thanks, Bloke!
I've linked you at my new blog too!