Monday, March 19, 2007

checked out

A man flying British Airways was mortified to find a passenger in his row had already arrived at her final destination. Mr P. Trinder was moribund at the grim discovery his fellow traveller, a woman in her 70's, was in fact a cadaver. When he expressed his grave disquiet to the airlines, he was left cold at their response:
"[they] dismissed his concerns by telling him to “get over it.”
Stiff luck! Although I agree she should probably have been left in the departure lounge. Or perhaps next time Mr Trinder might better acquaint himself with the airline's policy regarding carri-on luggage.


Mark said...

I guess he was dead tired.

Okay,. I stole that line from a movie...

Phil said...


That's an Arnie quote from "Commando" if my (ever-failing) memory serves me correctly, n'est-ce pas?

Mark said...

I think so. I need to pop round a little more often, don't I???