Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The Labour Dept & Tourism NZ trying to entice Aussies to come live here in Godzone. Shouldn't we instead attempt to stem the flow of kiwis emigrating across the ditch? Unbelievable that over $500K has been wasted on a doomed campaign to attract skilled and educated Australians to work in NZ. Considering the number of Ozzies who actually fit those criteria, that's about $100K spent per potential Ocker.

After all, what sane Australian... (er, hang on, try again...) what reasonable minded Ozzy... (umm, no, that doesn't work either. One more time...) why would any Ozzy choose to live in NZ? How will the campaign slogans read?
"Come to sleepy boring NZ with low wages, limited career opportunities, cold weather, and pay exorbitant taxes to support a corrupt nanny state intruding into every nook & cranny your personal life."
"Raise your kids in smack-free zone, to be indoctrinated by socialists, Maori victimologists and rabid feminazis."
"Enjoy daily crap from Kiwis with inferiority complexes and huge chips on their small-minded shoulders."
Oh, paradise! So come on Ozzies, "Where the bloody hell are ya?"

Surely not even our Anzac cousins are that stupid.
Then again...

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