Sunday, April 01, 2007

blog fluff

Blogs of note
A couple of blogs recently discovered that are worth checking out.
1. The Blog Herald: devoted entirely to info, articles & links about blogging. Informative & thought-provoking stuff there.
2. All Men are Liars: One of the many blogs at The Sydney Morning Herald. Blokey and delightfully un-PC. Touches on intimate, everyday, or problem issues. Kinda like the chatty sections of Women's Magazines, but for men. Very funny.

Random Personal Blog-stuff
* Installed a site meter and was happy knowing I average 20 hits daily. But joy was short-lived to discover the average blogger gets 30 hits a day (inferiority complex kicks in). The misery's compounded on learning most of my hits are from Google searches. And then to pour acid on the wound, most of the Google search keywords are pervy stuff like: "rape fetish," "teenboys," and "forced to wear aunty's panties."
How ick, how distressing! Not only am I unpopular, but my few readers are complete strangers and porn weirdos. I'm getting rid of the site meter.

Then again, if I ever become desperate for blog hits, I'll start peppering posts with random, gratuitous lines like: "hot babes," "sizzling sirens," & "voluptuous vixens." Let's hope it never comes to that.

* Now that I have 2 blogs & 2 blog-names, I can have a blog war with myself.
Yeah, I know, I really should get a life instead...

* I'm a "slimy mollusc" in the TTLB ecosystem ('slimy' is right), 18 blogs link to me. Here's a thought: if you're ambitious to boost your own blog rankings, and you're unfazed by deception & dishonesty, then why not create multiple blogs & have each one link back to you. Eventually you'll be an A-lister! Just an idea...

* When not advocating war or cheering on pointless massacres, unnecessary violence and senseless destruction, I'm actually a hopeless romantic. So inspired was I by the "Jack-meets-Ana Lucia" seduction scene in LOST (series 1: episode 23) -- which I've watched hundreds of times [don't judge me harshly; we obsessive nutcases need love too] -- that I've began to pen my own bodice-ripping yarns & vignettes. Yup, I've become a part-time amateur romance writer [blush!] Quandary time! I'd love to publish these amorous adventures on a blog, yet maintain complete anonymity. I'm terrified some clever cyber-fella might trace IP addresses and 'out' me as a big, sloppy, gooey, girly poof. My macho cover blown forever!
What to do...? What to do...?


Anonymous said...

I read both your blog sites - and enjoy your thoughts, and agree with what you say - mostly. Don't give up - please.


Phil said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Don't worry, I'm into blogging for the long haul. I'll never run out of complete nonsense to natter about on this blog, or things to complain about on the other.


Lindsay said...

And ACT only polls 1.5 percent...Still the best ideas out there.

Your hit rate is completely out of whack with your talent. For humour and originality this is my favourite blog. You're having us on, right?

Anonymous said...


send us an email hey?
i'm in grey lynn but may be visiting the south island soon.

where are you gonna be for new years?

Julio of Grey Lynn