Monday, April 09, 2007


Lessons of Easter
Because of the screwed up Easter scheduling, I missed America's next top model AND Supernatural. I know Easter's an important date on the Christian Calender, but my Friday night TV was RUINED. Crumbs! Couldn't the Romans have waited just one more day...? That might sound rather blasphemous, but luckily, through Christ's sacrifice -- commemorated at Easter -- I am forgiven. Indeed, this is one of Christianity's most important lessons: forgiveness.

Incidentally, in the traditional Maori Calendar, this period is also known as "Rangi-muru-hara." An auspicious time when warring factions resolved conflicts, goodwill between tribes was renewed, and peace reigned as past infractions were absolved.

Actually, that's a complete lie. Maoris don't forgive. We're utu people, grudge-meisters hellbent on inter-generational warfare. And there's no such day as Rangi-muru-hara. I just made that up. But if I hadn't told you, you'd probably never have known otherwise (assuming you're no history buff or too lazy to google) & I mighta gotten away with my devilish deception.

I'm sorry. I truly am. It's a terrible thing to deliberately mislead, or outright lie to people. Yes, I was untruthful. Yes, I deserve condemnation. No, I'm not a journalist. So hate me for my dishonesty... but at least give credit for an early confession, for taking responsibility for my own misdeed, for my humble public contrition and willingness to make amends.

Please don't sit in harsh judgment at my minor misdemeanor. Please don't hold it against me. And don't dare feel morally superior! Sure, I transgressed. But unlike you, I admitted my crime, learned from the mistake, and my character has developed and matured. I've gotten over it. You, on the other hand, are still trapped in the angry past, uptight & unwilling to forgive a tiny transgression that seems oh so insignificant in retrospect, doesn't it?

Who's better off now? I've moved on and consequently revel in joyous personal growth. While you still stew in vindictive rancour as bitterness corrodes your very soul. You need to learn to "let go." Perhaps if you weren't such a stubborn unflinching grudge-bearer, you too might learn Easter's joyful lesson of forgiveness.


Jules said...

yes forgiveness would be a lesson I need to learn very much.

Julio Pop

ps hilarious post there.

Scotty said...

Yeah! Great post.

(shhhh) said...

I was actually sounding out Rangi-muru-hara and decided it was decidedly didgy but who was I to know the difference?

You're a mean brown bastard.

(heh, I have a Maori customer called Wheiti - now THAT's funny)