Thursday, April 05, 2007

future food fears

My endlessly adorable 7 month nephew has become slightly less loveable since the wee fella began teething. He's not happy about it - nor I. One word: "decibels." Many an ear-drum shattered parent knows exactly what I mean. The good news tho', is he'll soon be eating solids and partaking in life's true joys: steak rinds, pork crackling & chicken skin.

That is, unless society succumbs to fat-phobic food fetishists with their ravenous appetite for low-calorie grub. Waddling down supermarket aisles, one's constantly accosted by absurd food labels such as "Reduced cream: 38% less fat." What next? Low-cal butter and fat-free dripping? Or how about the "100% fat-free" boasts on confectionery packets. Fat-free sweets? Preposterous! Lollies are at least 95% sugar, which any discerning dieter knows is a nutritional no-no. This vilification of lipids is ludicrous. What food faddists fail to fathom is that fat not only make food taste yummy, it's FILLING. A good feed of fish & chips, appeases both palette and puku, and easily sustains til the next meal. Sure, you can scoff on yuck stuff (like veges) but you'll soon feel famished again. Thus you must then eat more and often - the very antithesis of dieting.

I'm sick to the stomach of food nannies. I've had a guts-full of being drowned in advice to drink water, and egged-on about cholesterol's dangers. And I speak on behalf of all gung-ho gormandizers, whose numbers are expanding (much like our waistlines). Hey you diet freaks: Bite me!

But what slim chance will my hungered cries be heard above the clattering of salad forks? Are we doomed to miserly menus of watery soups and insipid stews? The future, I fear, looks gruel-ing

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