Thursday, June 21, 2007

LOST review

After whinging about Lost like a Pom who's run out of beer, I must say, last night's epi was fantastic - the best this season. Just like old times, a great ensemble performance, and thankfully no meaningless deaths or S&M scenes. Welcome back, Rose & Bernard, and always good to see Rousseau, my favourite crazy paranoid French chick. With a little more Sawyer, and a lot less Jack-off, it would've been perfect. Highlights include:

Take that! moment #1: Rose giving Jack crap. Hee hee! That's ma girl!
Take that! moment #2: Sayid giving Jack the smackdown. Go, my beloved Iraqi torturer!

Redemption moment #1: Juliet - I think she might be one of the good guys. Which is bad, coz she plays a marvellous villain.
Redemption moment #2: Desmond - After volunteering for the suicide mission, my hatred has subsided somewhat. What a noble thing to do. Fullah could still use a haircut, or some shampoo, or even a brush. C'mon boy, you're on TV. Where's your sense of vanity?

Kleenex moment #1: Charlie putting Aaron down in his cot. Cute beyond belief. And realistic too. Babies really do try to grab your nose when you're up close. Well they do it my nose, anyway (mind you, it's a big target).
Kleenex moment #2: Charlie embracing his best mate Hurley knowing it's possibly their last goodbye. If your lips didn't quiver during that scene, then you have no soul (or else you're just squirmish about watching two men hug).

Cold shower moment #1: Alex - Dang, she is One Fine Cutie-pie! I become hypnotised when she appears onscreen and forget where I am, or that I'm watching TV, or that I'm soaking in a big pool of my own drool.
Cold shower moment #2: Naomi - In the race to become my next pretend-girlfriend, it's neck & neck between her and Alex. She's freakishly yum with a smile so hot, I hold her singularly responsible for global warming.

Curse at the TV moment #1: Karl's reappearance. I Do Not Like That Boy. He's a mini-Jack: a hysterical, neurotic crybaby. Would you think less of me if I shot him? Ok then, what if it was an accident? Hey, I'm kiwi, not American. We don't have a 2nd amendment so I'm completely unfamiliar with firearms. How was I to know that if I picked one up, pointed it at him and pulled the trigger... that it would have such a happy ending?

Curse at the TV moments #2, 3, 4, 5... or however many scenes Jack appeared in. All his "I'm the leader!" and "You'll do what I say!" carry on. Ackk! Nothing but complete comtempt! Y'know, I'm actually quite a slow leaner, so forgive me for not realising that guns had more than one bullet. And after I shot Karl, well Jack was just standing there and it was only after I pulled the trigger a second time, pointing in his direction, that it dawned on me: "Hmm, these things can be quite dangerous ...(and useful)."


Jimmy Jangles said...

Can they just get off the island already? My tv viewing has become rather ocngested , DH, Ug Bett, Lost and now Sopranos...

What killed me last night was that god awful version of Wonderwall the lil Hobbit sang. It was worse than a drunken roomful of 10 guitars sung backwards. That bad.

Mrs Smith said...

Don't be so horrid to Jack. If it weren't for him, all the pretty girls would have been devoured by monsters.

Blog Bloke said...

Oh, Crikey is right!

Just thought I'd drop by and say hello. It's been 3 weeks since you last wrote. Hope all is well.



peterquixote said...

probable dyslexia dude
i dont get it
who you speak of,
good picture show
click on name

Mrs Smith said...

Good lord. Every blog I visit has been infested with PQ.

It's been a month. Update, please.