Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More TV fluff

What does it say about the state of our TV when the commercials are more entertaining than the shows that interrupt them? The quality of ads these days is unsurpassed. Current fave is the one for yahoo.xtra featuring those two Sweet Young Thangs gazing longingly before engaging in a milky, delicate smooch. Perfectly executed, unlike the ghastly overdone slobbering to which we're accustomed; all violent head rolls, clumsy tongue slopping and face sucking with the force of industrial vacuum cleaners. All budding romantic film-makers, pay attention! That's what you call "a kiss." Enough to melt even stone-hard souls and set one heart aflutter [sigh!!].

...and Sour
But enough of that gooey crap! Have you seen those godforsaken demon spawn children on Supernanny? Talk about brats needing a good thrashing! Just watching them raises my cortisol levels into the head-exploding zone. My fists clench instinctively as I grind my teeth grind to stubs. Grrr! I don't usually endorse whacking (other people's) kids, but if I was ever left in charge of those horrible little monsters, I'd become Sue Bradford's worst nightmare and do my best Mike Tyson impersonation - complete with ear-biting! If ever one needed an argument for contraception, sterilisation, or child abandonment, the hell kids on Supernanny are it.

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