Thursday, August 09, 2007

Top Chaff?

Tears & heartbreak, anguish & gloom! My two favourite cooks were booted off in tonight's double-whammy elimination on Top Chef. [sob!] Misery is my only friend. Until now, I've always felt life to be fair, but my sweetie-pie, Elia, and succulent Sam are no more; my faith in cosmic justice is both shaken and stirred. Then to pour vinaigrette in to the wound, Ilan, whose personality (and skin) is greasy enough to fry chips, and Marcel, with his elf-like pixie face and wolverine hairdo (styled in a wind tunnel?), are left to scrap it out in the most anti-climactic food fight since Sean & Lee made the final of The Apprentice.

Like a fish, I feel gutted. The judges' decision has left a bad taste in my mouth. Even Gail Simmons - whose piquant criticisms dished up with narrowed eyes, screwed up nose, and extra-saucy bitterness - was not her usual nasty, delicious self. Oh, what a serving of crap was tonight's episode. Queasy & nauseous, and scrambling for the antacids, I've nearly lost my appetite for next week's final. Barf!

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