Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strictly for the fans (i.e. me)

Pretty enough to bring tears to your eyes

Remember this face? If not, it's because you probably don't watch enough reality TV - or you're just plain forgetful. This most memorable visage belongs to Jade Coleman from season 6 of America's Next Top Model. My most favourite TV contestant ever, I was gutted when she didn't win. A crying shame! My pain was slightly offset while net-surfing recently when I serendipitously discovered Jade's Myspace page. It includes some of her photos from ANTM, including the 'crying' shot above.

What can I say but I adore Jade and LOVE her look. Her striking appearance is maybe too strong for bland print/catalogue photos, but for catwalk and other work her face (and smokin' hot bod) is perfect. Sharp, compelling features and a beguiling mixed-race, 'guess-the-ethnicity' countenance immediately draws viewers' attention and makes you look twice. Her stunning bone structure is suited to even the heaviest, most gaudy of make-up jobs. It captures the light at various angles producing strong highlights and contrasts to astonishing effect. I luff her.

In her exit-interview she (rather boastfully) proclaimed: "You aint ever gonna forget this face." Agreed! It has "supermodel!" stamped all over it. Haunting looks that linger on in the mind's eye long after the last frame is shot.

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