Thursday, August 16, 2007

the ultimate bun fight

I love Top Chef. Along with 'Models' and 'Runway', it's the best reality show on TV. But "blah", "meh", and "pfft", is my summary of tonight's two finalists, Ilan & Marcel. Both of them are equally repellent dorks. It's as if France and Germany went to war; who do you root for? Does anyone care who wins? It's a shame they both can't lose.

The episode itself was jam-packed with excitement and tension. It was the best of times: we got to see Sam & Elia again. It was the worst of times: we endured the return of 'Ugly Betty', whose personality can curdle milk at 100 paces, and that useless oaf, Michael. Why Marcel chose him as a sous chef suggests he's been inhaling too close to the gas oven.

Major props to Marcel for using what Hawaiians call "uni", what Maoris call "kina", and what everyone else call "sea urchins", in his first dish. Yummilicious! Although points off for spoiling them by adding lemon gelee & fennel creme. The only thing you should eat kina with is a spoon. And we really didn't need to watch Marcel urinate on himself - hardly a sight to savour.

One final thought: is anyone else suspicious of those rake-thin judges, Padma & Gail? They say you can't trust a skinny chef. It follows that one should also look askance at waif-like food judges. Unless of course their final dish on each menu is fingers a la throat. At least Tom Collichio is 'cuddly' - exactly how a food fan should look. In fact, I think he's rather 'teddy-bear' cute. I may even develop a boy-crush on him. But I won't elaborate, just in case you lose your lunch.


Fai Mao said...

I kind of like "America hs (no) Talent" as reality shows myself. But then I'm definitely wierd

Phil said...

You're right, FM, I love "AHT"!

It's kind of like 'American Idol' meets 'Jackass' crossed with 'Funniest Home Videos' - people doing completely whack stuff. Excellent entertainment.

Good to see I'm not the only weird one :-)