Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Have we got a Govt yet?

I like Tom Scott's take on coalition negotiations with the Maori Party - LOL! Perfect!

Do I detect panic at the NZ Press Assn's offices? Pondering the unthinkable? A National led Govt? While trying to put on a brave face for Helen, the sniping at the Nats has already begun, questioning Murray McCully's influence over the Don. We don't even have a gubbermint yet, and the Labour Party, oops... I mean the mainstream media, has reverted to default conservative-bashing mode.

D'ya think it grows on trees, or something!?
Queen Helen wastes more money doling out the 3rd annual round of "Prime Minster's Prizes." No prizes for guessing the recipents: 2 wimmin, both Wellington bureaucrats; a social policy analyst and an ex-trade unionist. What a surprize!

Not a headline you see every day...
"Police nab arsonist dwarf after taxi bid for freedom"

10% truancy rate for schoolkiddies
Education Ministry research shows 1 in 10 kids missing from school each day. Higher rates for boys at co-ed schools; Maori & PI kids double everyone else. Not at all fazed by those figures. With the amount of crap they teach at the indoctrination factories these days (ecology, diversity, Heather's three mommies, etc), it's quite possibly a good thing. One tenth are lucky enough to escape the socialist brainwashing. Does this mean we get a 10% reduction on our school fees?