Monday, October 10, 2005

Good on ya, Greg!

Good to see the NZ Police Assn get its bite back. Delighted to read president, Greg O'Connor, rightfully lambasting Judge Davidson's way out-of-line criticism of Counties-Manukau cops.
"Judges and others in influential positions need to be very aware that such accusations made publicly will attract considerable and negative media attention."
Go get him, Greg! Pompous, blow-hard, know-nothing black-robed cretins should lend their expertise to the legalistic arguments before them and refrain from offering subjective (and extraneous) assessments about complex sociological matters outside of their juridiction and experience. Maybe Da Judge needs to spend a few shifts with the frontline CM officers policing the badlands of South Auckland (yuck!!) The Police Assn are writing to demand a public apology. Can I sign that letter, too? With a postscript suggesting the smug, incestuous, insular environment of the NZ judiciary is itself conducive to a "Sick Culture."

A pox, also, on the mainstream media -- most notably The NZ Herald & The Dominion Post -- for their excessive, overblown, hysterical highlighting of police failures. Phil Kitchener needs to burn in hell for initiating this jihad against the coppers. What's the matter, Phil? Get a speeding-ticket?