Thursday, November 03, 2005

at a glance...

Out of the loop? Ozzies don't tell us about terror threat to Lucky Country. Unusual the threat comes at very time Howard seeks support for controversial anti-terror legislation. Hope new info isn't sourced from refugee children thrown off the Tampa... It's my country & I'll cry if I want too... Good on PM for standing up to Islamoterrorists. Go, Johnny, go! Evidence that short, fat, bald, bespectacled old men with bad accents can still melt hearts.

Howdy... to our new American ambassador, William McCormick, who arrives next Monday with impeccable resume [a] a kaimoana entrepeneur - man after own stomach, and [b] a major fundraiser for pres Bush. I like him already.

Tantrum alert: Brian Connell miffed at his low placing on Brash's totem pole.

But Nanny, you said they were dangerous... Unceasing wonders as Govt decides against banning fireworks despite results of Fire Service's (as yet unscrutinised) survey showing popular public support. Fainting that Greens don't support the ban, usually never missing opportunity to play meddling bossy-boots.

NZHerald Bonus: Judge Louisa Borrin with damning indictment on Akld policing as wallet theft victim's life left in tatters. Read & weep.

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