Wednesday, November 02, 2005

catfight at the NZ Herald?

Furious competition today for the coveted title of "NZ's Biggest Anti-Cop Hack." Topseed & incumbent, Lou Cleave, with true stories of People Who Actually Survived theft of personal items, was disappointing against a resurgent and in-form Juju Middleton, whose Chilling credit card saga shows why she's the bookies' pick this season.

Seems the daily media barrage of Keystone Kop Kapers has not gone unnoticed in the corridoors of power. National's police spokesman gravely intones:
"You only need to pick up a newspaper to read daily stories of victims [of police]"
Oh, stop shilling for the Herald, Mr Power!

Commuter assault
Entering Wgtn Railway Stn ( splendid architectural marvel) a schoolboy thrusting papers at hapless passers-by, I acquired a copy of the execrable Capital Times. The political bias was appaling: venomous left-wing diatribe, libel, character attacks - and that was just the sports column. The absolute low point being Judith Aitken's bizarre rant against Wayne the Eradicator. Evoking Rosa Parks, religion, Iraq, The Nats, Bush (for no clear purpose) her insane burblings perfectly illustrate the 'logic deficit' of lefties. They don't think logically, they free associate, thoughts waft tangentially
with no regard to natural order, sequencing or causation. They sound like drunks.

Dunno what's scarier: this woman used to head the ERO; the entire Wgtn bureaucracy is infested with like-minded types; this trash (CapTimes) is so aggressively promoted; or that we've got schoolboys doing the promoting.

Luckily, not all Wgtn gals are dodos. The Queen of the Beehive Press Gallery (John A's the King - despite working for you-know-which paper) gives a thoughtful, clear-eyed account of the rise of the Terminator. Zinger:
"McCully is one of the few politicians able to match Mr Peters for political cunning"
Quite a feat!

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