Thursday, November 03, 2005

the natives are revolting

Any excuse to moan about that publication... Hat-tip, Mr Bhatnagar for HOT GOSSIP P.A. link about disaffected writers at The Unmentionable Daily. NZH's 'premium' wordsmiths unhappy in the new commercial environment. Holy schadenfreude, Batman - I'm havin' a ball! (w/apologies & condolences to signatories G. George & C. James - whose columns I actually enjoyed).

To be perfectly magnanimous, I'm somewhat sympathetic to the freelancers feeling ripped-off by Herald management. Still, re copyright laws: shoulda read the fineprint! Whadda sad mess. Couldnt'a happened to a nicer paper :-)

It just gets better... Over at TV One, Susan Woods mopes to ERA about how stress of being underpaid only $350K made her shout at the kiddies. Poor little rich girl. (My mum use to do it to us for far less)

Couldn't agree more... "
The TVNZ board should be sacked," says National, sticking the boot in over current fracas. Isn't it great to have a Real Opposition again?

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