Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sorry, what was the point again?

Crusading Motueka man camped in tree as protest against Airline's men/unattended-boys policy. Uh huh? Oh, I see the connection now... [confused look]
it had been a cold night and the tree was a "hard spot to sit," but he was willing to stay up their as long as it took
"Soldier on, brave freedom fighter!" say I. Sure as heck more original than the banner-waving lemmings that sprout sporadically on Parliament's lawn.

Slut city
Plans to make Vivian St the Capital's red-light district? Thought it already was. Seedy little dump. Beats Marion St, though, with those heinously Ugly maori & samoan drag-queens. The real trouble with Wgtn's sex industry is you can never tell if you're gonna get a 'real' woman. "Life's like a box of chocolates..."

Tell them to "Get Knotted!"
Diplomatically, of course. Get that cheeky kraut & pommy git having a go at
our Winny! He mightn't enjoy universal domestic popularity, but in a NZ vs World punch-up, I'll wave that Silver Fern til the stick breaks! Don't take nonsense, Foreign Minister! Remind commie-boy, that apart from a few Bach tunes, Germany's only contribution to humanity has been yuck-tasting sausages. As for the insolent snivelling Brit, ask him: apart from overrated Shakespeare (who nobody can understand, anyway), what's England's greatest cultural achievement? That's right, it's topless model, Sam Fox's, one hit song, "Touch me, I wanna feel your body!"
And as for Mr Downer across the ditch; shouldn't Ozzy be engaging in far more urgent national matters - like how to tackle, pass, catch and kick a footy ball, maaaaayte?

The adults are in charge
Thank you, President Bush, for swatting away those irritating Global Warming weirdos trying to bully & bullcrap the world into complying with their insane demands. Begone, freaks!

"It would be nice if the US would step up and start to take some action," said Ben Matchstick, a US organiser dressed as a bird.
It would be nice if you would dress like a human. You might then be taken more seriously. And with a name like "Matchstick," you deserve to be pelted with rotten vegetables.

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