Tuesday, November 08, 2005

slouching towards Gomorrah

Eats roots and leaves?
Latex Durex survey shows average kiwi eats, roots, roots, roots and then leaves, clocking up 114 bonks p/a - the rest of the cold-showered world, a paltry 108. We're also sluttier than everyone else ('cept the Norwegians) with respect to one-night stands. Most yuckily, 65% have had unprotected sex with a partner without knowing their sex history (some folk I know do so without knowing partner's name).

We're not the only society on the slippery slope. Thomas Sowell opines on the French riots and the folly of multi-culturalism that could spell the end of Western Civ... if we let it.

The Governor General's speech from the throne douses any hope for tax cuts from this administration.
"Fiscal loosening... by way of significant tax cuts -- cannot be considered,"
reckons Dame Silvia. But some good news if:
"the telecommunications sector becomes more competitive [so] that we achieve faster broadband uptake"
Which'll mean we'll be able to idle more time away on the net, but faster. Nothing quite like wasting time 'efficiently'.

Supreme Court judge, Sir Kenneth Keith becomes the first Kiwi elected to the International Court of Justice. Congrats, and I should be glad, but truth is I don't care much for the UN or its dubious judicial branch. A bigger bunch of sleazy, corrupt, incompetent, thieving bureaucrats you never did meet. I expect the ICJ will remain a forum for suspect characters from despotic hell-holes to bring bogus charges against the US & Israel. Good on Pres Bush for tossing the ICJ to the curb! Now if he'd just dump the whole UN, too...

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